Solutions Mastery - Introduction

In this video you will learn what you will get out of this course and how to work through it to maximize your results.

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What you now have before you is a wonderful journey that I am confident will unfold in ways that will delight and surprise you! And the changes can be felt in your own stress levels almost immediately.

Sure impact of years of carrying stress and extra emotional weight around don’t evaporate over night. But you will begin to notice changes that are helping… because that’s what you are learning to see and to make really good use of!

Another great benefit of this is that you don’t have to carry around notebooks or check lists, (well, a copy of the Miracle Matrix helps in the beginning until it becomes 2nd nature) because what you will be learning in essence is an easy to use system of 5 key questions.

Gaining the confidence in this system and facility with it is like learning to drive a car, or how to use your smartphone or computer. It takes a little time to “get the hang of it” so it becomes second nature, but the benefits are stunning.

The more you use the fundamental approach, the more you will begin to notice all around you, how much time — and simply happiness — that others are squandering. You will begin to see how problem experts have institutionalized and socialized their approach… and it really gums up progress!

All that aside, DO enjoy this journey of noticing the small, of building confidence in your own decision-making and most importantly, of being able to laugh again with a lightness and delight that may have become but dream to you not all that long ago…

and I look forward to hearing from you how you regained the simple ability to smile and laugh a whole lot more all over again! DOn’t forget to write and let me know how this works for you, what worked best… and ALWAYS, but ALWAYS look for what does work. And if what you are doing is just the pits… then get inventive and try something different!

Now it’s time to get familiar with this learning portal.
I will add videos and resources over time, so always check back to see what is here. And we’ll send you updates by email as well.

And if you have questions or need a bit more help with the system, please do use our “HelpDesk.” It’s right there in the Members Menu.

I wish you the very best journey to a better life!

Dr. Karen Judd Smith