A Chaplain Reflects


This life-changing program remains the best investment of time and money I have ever made

Chaplain Marilyn is a board certified chaplain living and working in California’s central valley. She holds a B.A. in Comparative Religions from Ohio State University and an M.A. in Divinity Studies from United Theological Seminary, after which she completed a 2-year Clinical Pastoral Education residency.

Since then, she has served thousands of patients and their loved ones in death/dying and loss/grief crises. Her lifelong interest in Zen emerged more fully in recent years when she underwent a medical crisis of her own. Nearly bedridden for several months, she turned intensively to her creative strengths, composing songs, poems, and reflections about life, while deepening her meditation practice. She has since recovered and is once again working full-time as a chaplain.

Through all of this, she managed to raise 3 adult children who somehow survived her eclectic mothering style. Along with the universe, they remind her that it is foolishness to think you know something (or someone). As one of her dear friends, for whom English is a 2nd language notes: “You just don’t never not know about nothing!”

Although, not entirely sure with which double negative she would be agreeing, the Zen side of Chaplain Marilyn nonetheless fully concurs.

Her personal site is: http://ZenfullyGood.org and she also provides resources for those whose loved ones are grieving or dying at: DeathyDying.org