Dr. Karen Judd Smith
Advisor, Coach and Change-Leader

Karen Judd Smith,
BSc., MDiv, DMin

Karen Judd Smith draws on the wisdom of the ages and the latest discoveries and developments in science to unlock useful and practical approaches to dealing with challenges and changes!

Over the course of her professional life, she could not help but notice how ineffective it was, on every level of human interaction, to focus on problem solving alone. Her research led her to integrate several transformational concepts, one of which is Solutions Focused Brief Therapy, along with her foundations in physics and theology.

Turning many closely held assumptions on their head, she develops algorithms for various challenges. Whether pursuing advocacy at the United Nations or changes to some of our personal abusive behaviors, she brings deep insights, easy-to-use steps and systems… all with a signature twist of humor.

Professional and Personal Background

Karen grew up on an Australian dairy farm in southern New South Wales. She graduated from Methodist Ladies College, earned a degree in Physics from the University of Melbourne then traveled to the USA where she earned a master’s in theology and doctor of ministry in peace and justice.

Grounded in the practical realities of farm life and steeped in both the hard and soft sciences, she has led a varied life, spanning two continents and successful career choices that included a 20 years working in and around the United Nations.

Her love of nature led her early on into ocean exploration where she garnered a captain’s license from the Coast Guard. She then spent several years developing ocean education for young and old alike, imbuing her programs with not only the science of ocean navigation, but also it’s deeper, more mysterious essence. Her students not only learned how to read maps and navigate boats, they were also made aware of the ocean’s ability to evoke contemplation and awe, whether scuba diving beneath its surface, sailing for pleasure upon it, or making a living by fishing from it.

From there, she ventured into a travel and tour a business, alongside her husband’s work as a hotelier in the New York area. It was here that she was eventually drawn into the dynamic promise of United Nation’s work. Per her abilities as an educator and trainer, she developed programs for UN Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO’s) that helped staff and volunteer members connect to the formal structure and protocols of international Ambassadors and their offices.

This led to her to develop, “The Advocacy Algorithm for Global Citizens” an Online Training and Advanced Education Course with 36 teaching modules introducing the United Nation’s history, structure, protocols and critical “how-to’s” per creating a successful NGO office environment that can translate into meaningful interaction with key leaders in the UN environment.

In the “meantime,” she raised 3 children with her husband and, consistent with her love of beauty and movement, found the time and energy to continue a lifelong passion where she transformed ballet training as a youth into ballroom dance. She has often competed and won several medals in Pro-Am events (she was the amateur, but nonetheless, dancing with world class professionals and champions).

NOTE from Karen: “Thoughts on Life”

Life is not really so much about having things as it is about doing things. I firmly believe that real power is not in the positions and/or titles that one might gain, rather it resides in each person’s own heart and mind. Leadership is about taking charge of our daily choices, even when, perhaps especially when, we are confronted with daunting setbacks or traumatic experiences.

I have worked with people at the international level, some whose stories of the turmoil in their homeland would wrench your heart. And yet, many of them chose to rise above and move beyond. Their courage always inspired me and remains one of the well springs for my Solutions Mastery Training.

My lifelong work, and continuing passion is to help people effect change by activating and empowering what lies within each individual. I’ve seen it over and over again how we shape our lives by what we choose in the “small” moments of everyday life. But, these seemingly insignificant choices accumulate into changes that profoundly affect us, for the good or otherwise.

In Physics we learn that the “small is everything” for where would we be without all those little atoms that contain even smaller quarks and even smaller energy packets? What happens in the nearly invisible micro-realms also occur in similar manner in the macro-level of human life. I believe, rather I KNOW we are capable of making small accumulating changes that create pivotal moments in our lives through which we can then make seemingly surprising quantum leaps forward.

I’ve seen it in my own life, and in others, hundreds times over.

I’d love to see it in your life, too. So, let’s get on with it!

All the best,