Change Leadership Vs. Change Management

What, if any, are the differences between change leadership and change management? Or are they apples and oranges?

Almost everyone has heard about change management these days, especially in the corporate world. That is in part driven by today’s technologies and the ever-present reality of ongoing development.

This drives makes education an integral aspect of most job descriptions these days. Even the act of “googling how to use a new app” is part of the essential work of learning in order to keep up with everyday options we choose.

John Kotter describes change leadership as “putting an engine on the whole change process, and making it go faster, smarter, more efficiently.” Change leadership is not about incremental change. It is about transformation. 

Sure, not everyone wants radical changes in their lives. So yes, most would want incremental changes. Corporations largely cannot handle massive transformation, just incremental ones.

People in positions of power usually want to “control” change. Few are really interested in transformation. No matter how much they give it lipservice.

Another good question is: What is really needed today? Incremental, comfortable change or more radical transformational change?

What about in your life? What is your trajectory in life following your current trends, shifts and changes? This is an important question to ask ourselves, because we are likely already on track with a “management” version of change. But sometimes, we are in serious need of dramatic change.

Just a thought for the day.