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Solutions Mastery Training Suite

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Solutions Mastery

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If you are willing to participate in the ELF FOCUS GROUP by:

  1. Completing a questionnaire at the end of your first week
  2. Participating in a live Q&A during the last week of May, 2014

Then you might like to take advantage of this deep, DEEP, DEEP discount — Use this coupon code during checkout to get access to the course for only $97 as an ELF Focus Group Member 13FOCUS97

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What Solutions Builders Get:

  • Full Instant Access to the Solutions Mastery Training Portal With In-depth Training Videos
  • The One BIG Idea That Alone Can Change How You Deal With Problems
  • The Principles of Change: Learn Which Principles Are Key To Solution Building
  • Rules of Thumb: Learn How To Ease Your Confusion About "What To Do Now" With These
  • Learn the 5 Questions That Can Turn Your Life Around
  • In The "Miracle Question" Lesson, Learn What To Focus On To Change Your Future
  • The Multipliers: Once you learn the system that takes you step by step from being stuck to exploring possibilities, you can then learn how to multiply the system's impact. Fast.

Customer Reviews

Anna T.
Before I knew it, I was thinking less about my problems and working on solutions. I started to feel better. Because I could think clearly again and devise a good plan, I did get another job. It wasn’t magic. It took some time and some effort. But, nothing in this method was all that hard, and some of it was even fun! Anna T.
Kevin K.
That is what Solutions Mastery is all about: having a simple system to follow so I could rally my own strengths and resources and get on with putting solutions in place rather than staying stuck in the problem. What can I say, but that it's seriously liberating! Kevin K.
Chaplain Marilyn
Now, every self help program has a disclaimer that not all results are the same. That’s true. But even as a student I can guarantee you this much: Learning this system is easy and even fun. And then, here’s a remarkable promise. Even if you sometimes do some part of it wrong, you will still make a positive difference! Hard to believe? Yeah, it was for me too. But, you’ll learn how that’s possible in the full course. Chaplain Marilyn
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  • 24 / 7

    Access the lessons whenever you get stuck or need to refresh your understanding. Sometimes to release our stress, we just need to find ways to get moving again—forward, and that can be any time of day or night!

  • Join Live Webinars

    We are planning to have LIVE webinars where you can hear how others are using the system to deal with challenges,  ask questions and get new ideas

  • Re-Discover Your Love of Life

    Use the system to rediscover life without stress, even if it is not for 100% of the time, you will discover your stress decreasing as your use of the system increases!

Real Change — Authentic Happiness!

  • Tap Proven Methods of Change

    This system builds on the proven methods of Solutions Focused Therapies and their more than 20 years of theoretical development, clinical practice and empirical research.

  • Solutions Matrix

    Use the 5 lines of enquiry to “unstick” yourself from difficult problems. The steps are simple, and clear to follow. Use them whenever the need arises—for personal or professional challenges.

  • Help Friends & Colleagues

    Do your friends ever face confusion as they deal with their latest problem?  Ask one of the “Empowering E’s” to help get them moving toward solutions so they don’t stay stuck on the complaint merry-go-round.

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