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Sign up a Bonus Buddy

Use this form to sign up a "buddy" — our gift to you with each Solutions Mastery Training Course.

You can benefit enormously by having someone to talk to about this approach and learn with. It will multiply your success and you will, at different times, help one another out, perhaps enormously.

PLUS they get the benefit of learning a whole fantastic process because of YOU!

This may be the best gift you could get someone who values their time, their happiness and what they can do for others!

Fill Out This Form

Once you submit this form, we will get your Bonus Buddy set up and they should expect to get an email within 24 hours (usually much less!) They will be sent an email from “” so let them know to look for it.

The email will contain a confirmation link that will give them access to their members area. Once they have responded, they will get their login information and password and be set to go.