The First 15 Seconds

  • The First 15 Seconds
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What You Do In The First 5 - 15 Seconds A Problem
Or Unexpected Event Happens,
Makes A HUGE Difference To Your Future!

When an awkward, embarrassing, threatening or simply difficult moment happens in life, we can't wish it away.

Unfortunately, most fail in the first few seconds at giving themselves the best chance to shorten the impact and even reduce the stress it will cause.

I wanted to give you the first "gift" and that is a gift of awareness that you may be missing out on using these precious seconds to your best advantage. Most people let them slide right on by and the opportunity they provide to significantly leverage change has then gone forever.

Don't miss out on using these critical seconds every again!

Learn when they occur and what you can do.

And in the next video we go in-depth into the 3 steps you MUST take in these first 5 - 15 seconds—Part I of your Personal Challenge Response Plan.