New Personal Growth Tool

As a personal growth tool, the Solutions Mastery program is new. As an approach to dealing with life’s sticky problems, it has grown out of more than twenty years of theoretical development, clinical practice and empirical research, largely as an effective form of brief therapy.

Bringing it out of the therapist – client context to personal development means two things: First, the process needed to be made simple and do-able. Secondly that understanding of the process needed to be available to the user so each person can better self-correct, monitor and create their own forms of review and accountability.

All this is built into the approach now called “Solutions Mastery.”

Solutions Mastery is however, not only built on a therapy system. It  evolved out of perspectives and practices that might be called “spiritual journeying,” mindfulness, self-awareness, personal development and any number of recognizable spheres of personal growth and development practices. Think elements of Tony Robbins, Tich Nhat Hanh, Thomas Merton, Martin Buber, Zen—and even more obscure Huna or Esther and Jerry Hicks, or  Carlos Casteneda and so many more.

All were in pursuit of greater understanding and enhancement of our innate, God-given or evolutionary capacities that we humans have—however we got to have them!

Each approach brings with it rich histories of knowledge, learning and practice, and the sphere of self-help today, draws to varying degrees on all the religions and personal development practices of the past. And each endeavors to introduce people to new ways to enhance their lives .

So why Solutions Mastery?

One if it’s strengths is it’s simplicity and focus on “what works,” with a specific effort to create a very streamlined and elegant approach that can be adapted to many spheres of life.

Much like a smartphone is used by so many in their own unique ways, some with an emphasis on phone communications, others texting, yet others social exchanges, yet others, how to get anywhere and everywhere. So the “Solutions Matrix” that is the core of the training is there to be used in whatever form and individual needs.

A core benefit of it is that it helps us de-stress. If stress is a symptom of us reaching places in our lives when the multiple forces and stressors so complicate our lives that internally we slow to a “freeze” where we don’t know what to do next that will benefit our lives and not harm our progress, this state of being stuck, caught, in an impossible situation, damned if we do and damned if we don’t, incapacitates us and stress sets in.

It affects our shoulders and neck, our stomachs and digestion. It takes us down mentally, shortens our fuse, darkens our world and seems to limit our future.

De-stressing naturally takes place the minute we start moving again, taking steps—even small ones—that allow us to feel movement, see glimmers of light at the end of our tunnels and regain the confidence that we can make decisions—and the right ones—for our lives.

Stress is not a symptom of the mentally ill. In our increasingly complex world, stress is becoming the norm. Why else would 77% American suffer physical symptoms of stress? The real issue is for us today is to take small steps we are confident in (and there are ways to find these!) that get us “back in the game of life” and out of this state of inaction.

Our computers freeze at times and we re-boot them. When we “freeze” we too need a simple but effective solution for helping us get our lives underway again—and to discover at the same time, that we can live brilliantly well.

Sure, for many of us, these freezes occur only in small areas of our lives, and that is great. But when that stress affects larger and larger parts of our lives, all the more reason to have a simple system handy to help us take the needed steps that get us back on track to living well.

Having A System

That’s a major part of the value of Solutions Mastery. It is not  magic pill. It is a series of steps for you to follow to get your juices flowing again. No-one knows all the ins and outs of your life as well as you do. It’s complexities, your concerns, hopes and aspirations, experiences and  capacities. We just all need our hands help once in a while to get us moving forward again.

Fascinatingly, there are some aspects of this approach that will almost put you into a state of disbelief. Other parts are so simple you will wonder how it could be so massively helpful! But all together, it is a small, doable, usable system that we can barely afford to be without. Just like we can barely afford to be without our smartphones today. There are amazing parallels between these two “tools.”

Keep an eye out in 2014 for an app that will help “prompt” you as you use the system for those moments in life when it helps to have our hands held…