New Year’s Resolution, Diet & Mindfulness

It’s pretty well known that every new year, a significant proportion of Americans set weight and fitness goals. Just notice what kind of advertisements are playing around the new year—almost every weight control system out there is pouring dollars into every form of advertising.

Those of you who made use of the ELF “New Year’s Resolution Generator” will have noticed that the approach we quite different to the usual one and meshes very well with Sandra Aamodt’s TED talk on “Whey dieting doesn’t usually work.” First, the ELF approach gets you looking at what has worked for you in the past that you can do and want to do again. Second, the focus is on awareness and mindfulness rather than on food restriction.

What Sandra’s talk helps with is providing a little perspective on human physiology and psychology and not only on the readings on the bathroom scales. No, not everyone will like what she says and for a number of different reasons. But she is helping provide a perspective on weight loss that is interesting to consider.

Mindful Eating: Eat when you are hungry and stop when you are full… listen to your body’s point of view.

This approach may not help you lose weight, but it will help prevent weight gain and limit the fallout from dieting.