The 15-Second “Personal Crisis Response Plan”

It has occurred to me for some time now how fascinating it is that we, as a society, are so concerned about having the latest technologies for gadgets and gizmos (OK, and tools and business equipment) so we can “get the most out of life.” Meanwhile, we make no use of some of the most effective social technologies that have been proven to make remarkable differences to the quality of our lives.

What am I saying? Well, there is nothing like a crisis to make our options crystal clear!

We have fire emergency plans; businesses have contingency plans for financial loss or data loss, loss of key personnel etc. etc. As families, we may have developed our own little “emergency plans” for when Grandma’s health gets really bad, or mom or dad are out of town when someone needs stitches or help getting somewhere. The CDC has crisis response plans (CRP) for pandemics and definitely, hospitals, police and emergency services have CRPs for various scenarios during disasters—natural or man-made.

Meanwhile, most of us continue to walk into emotionally charged situations, when we are most likely to need some kind of helpful track to run on—a “personal challenge response plan” if you will—and instead we wing it. We muddle through. Every time!

The evidence of how effective this hit-or-miss approach to our emotional fitness is shows up boldly in the sheer number of Americans that suffer physical symptoms of stress—77%. Another way of looking at that is that, for many of us, we are stressed 77% of our time! And we wonder why. And we are surprised every time!

When we look a little closer at how we function in the first few moments of emotionally charged exchanges, what we do is critical to our long-term happiness and satisfaction. So why be so unprepared for these “emergencies” when we KNOW they are going to happen? Sure we don’t know when, but probably about 100% of Americans know they are going to face an emotional situation some time in the life… if not today and tomorrow, and the day after!

So what’s your plan?

Realizing how silly it is that we “smart humans” so rarely prepare ourselves for such situations, I put together a short but really quite dense training programs that fixes this problem. The result is “Crisis Mastery,”  an effective method for handling personally challenging situations better. And now it is available to more people in a more portable format.

I like to think of it as a social technology equivalent of the smart phone. We can access it when needed, take it with us wherever we go, and it is amazingly helpful.  The uses are limited only by our imaginations.

Take a look at the video and see what options you have and what this might do for your life… that is, if you experience any kind of stress or periodically get a little frustrated, annoyed or angry. The video lays out some of your options and takes a short trip into considering some of the costs you otherwise pay when you do NOT handle these first 5 – 15 seconds well…

You can get instant access here. And yes, it’s free!

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