The “Small is Mighty” Strategy for Reaching Your New Year’s Resolutions

Do you remember Mighty Mouse—the little cartoon guy from a few decades ago? No matter. What is important is the idea Mighty Mouse embodies: Small Is Mighty.

The point is this: “Never underestimate the value of the small.”

To give you a taste of what I am saying, I put together a New Year Resolution “strategy generator.” What it does, is walk you through a short process that takes about 2 – 3 minutes to complete. The generator helps YOU uncover key bits of information and actions that you may have forgotten about or overlooked from  your life, but ones that can unlock a much more strategic approach for you.  So you can reach your goal easier and more confidently.

What the Generator does does is walk you through some of the simple questions that are typical of the Solutions Mastery approach to solution building that help you shift your perspective and approach to your current problem.

Now if you look for big “ta da’s,” flashing lights and an instant loss of weight or shower of $100 bills, sorry, you may be disappointed. BUT if you want to experience an approach that is noticeably and probably VERY different to all those you have already tried (and that haven’t worked so far) … then take 2 minutes to use the Generator and see what this does for you!

clock-2014The link to the “New Year’s Resolution Strategy Generator” is right here (yes, it’s free!) It’s not only good for your resolutions (though perhaps you are already feeling some of the reality of the post-New Year exhilaration setting in.) So NOW is a great time to give yourself some new perspective on an old problem. See if, by the time you have completed the generator, you can feel even a little different, more hopeful about making a difference in how you go about getting to your goal.

This is all about noticing and utilizing the “small,” the often unseen and usually undervalued moments in your life. This can give you a taste of how to make much better use of the diamonds in the rough in your life which can help you reach your goal faster and easier!

And if you find it useful in any small way, please “like” it, send a link to a friend or g+ the Generator.

Thanks.. and here’s to your Success and Happiness!

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